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Windows Microsoft's Windows AntiSpyware technology has been renamed "Windows Defender" and has been expanded to detect and remove rootkits, keystroke loggers and other forms of malware. The revamped application will be bundled into the Windows Vista operating system, but users will be free to choose a competing spyware protection product from a redesigned Windows Security Center.
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The only Defender I want is...
by shotsman on Sun 6th Nov 2005 16:19 UTC
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A Land Rover Defender.

Seriously though, what a useless name. There are lots of products that to paraphrase a UK Paint Advert "Does what is says on the Tin"
I expect some marketing borg thought this one up.
I'll watch this space as they say to see if it gets a realistic uptake. I can't help wondering is Microsoft is going to sell it to PC Manufacturers at some silly OEM price ( < $1 ) so it gets included with new PC's for "Free" and thay way they can buy market share.
Personally, I'll stick with AVG on Windows.

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