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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I wrote this almost exactly three years ago, to much debate:

Sure, Apple will most likely still make far more money per sold iPhone device than competitors will per Android phone, but the trend is clear: as much as I love my iPhone, it will be relegated to a ~10% market share figure within a few quarters.

It took a little longer than "a few quarters", but here we are. Android has revolutionised the smartphone market. I'm not particularly happy about that (both Android and Samsung are far too dominant, which is bad for the market and thus for consumers), but there it is.

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RE: Channel stuffing
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 8th Aug 2013 12:34 UTC in reply to "Channel stuffing"
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Shipped units of a free phone sitting on a palette somewhere is market share in this world.

If you think this happens than you make it very clear you have ZERO understanding of how modern chain stores work. Inventories are specifically kept to a minimum to reduce costs. I know this, because I've worked on that side of the equation for ten years. Stuff sitting on a pallet = wasted money. If you truly believe that retailers have been buying phones for three years straight that they know won't sell, then you, sir, are being an idiot.

But remember Apple only reports what it actually sells to real people

Another one of Apple's fantastically crafted lies. Go read Apple's SEC filings: Apple specifically states in those that it REDEFINES "shipping" as "sold". Apple reports SHIPPED numbers, only it has redefined them as SOLD for gullible people such as yourself.

Go to any Dutch (or European, I would guess) electronics store, and the walls are lined with iPad, iPhone and Mac boxes. Apple has a shortage for a few weeks after every launch (just like there are shortages for Galaxy phones for a while after release), after which you can get them at any store here with zero waiting time.

You clearly believe the lies Apple and its bloggers have spun without actually looking at the facts.

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