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Android tablets browsing share is still relatively low in Europe, but very strong in Asia. Despite the iPad's head start in the market, Android's tablet browsing share has nearly matched the iPad in Asia. More importantly, the overall trend is sharply in favor of Android tablets, which supports the strong shipment performance over the past few quarters.

Good analysis. Sameer Singh compares the growth trend of Android tablets to that of Android smartphones in the past, and it shows that Android tablet usage is actually growing faster than Android smartphone usage did in the past.

At this point, nothing seems to be able to stop Android's total and utter dominance. Not Apple, not Microsoft. Scary.

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RE: Scary?
by kristoph on Sat 10th Aug 2013 20:44 UTC in reply to "Scary?"
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I agree that it is not 'scary' as such. In fact, so long as Android continues to be available in it's 'free' forms (like Cynogen) and there are adequate devices onto which you can install free versions then I think it's great to have Android be dominant.

Android (Mobile Linux if you will) really delivers on the promise that Desktop Linux sort of failed to deliver on the desktop.

I also don't think people will 'switch'. There is simply no incentive to make anything 'better' since Android is free (as in beer). However, that does not mean Android can't mutate into compatible or incompatible version that might gain or loose dominance.

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