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Android tablets browsing share is still relatively low in Europe, but very strong in Asia. Despite the iPad's head start in the market, Android's tablet browsing share has nearly matched the iPad in Asia. More importantly, the overall trend is sharply in favor of Android tablets, which supports the strong shipment performance over the past few quarters.

Good analysis. Sameer Singh compares the growth trend of Android tablets to that of Android smartphones in the past, and it shows that Android tablet usage is actually growing faster than Android smartphone usage did in the past.

At this point, nothing seems to be able to stop Android's total and utter dominance. Not Apple, not Microsoft. Scary.

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by REM2000 on Mon 12th Aug 2013 09:32 UTC
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im pretty much indifferent to the whole market share thing. A lot of it can be explained by the explosion in consumer purchasing, Apple still sells a record number of iPad's, their profits are still healthy.

Part of me love's the openness of Android, it was always going to take something OSS like Linux to really unite the world under one platform for computing. We've had Windows and proprietary and we've all seen how it doesn't work when it comes to playing with other technologies. We've only really seen an open Microsoft because of the massive pressure of Linux and tablets.

I love how everyone in the world now can pretty much affordabily join the Information revolution that has happened on the internet, before BRIC country residents could find it very hard to obtain and run a desktop, however a simple tablet is much easier.

My only concern is what happens next? When Google is all powerful which way are they going to go. Obviously they need there Ad's for revenue so we know it's still going to be add related. However will we see a Microsoft kind of move and find that one day Android will only support GMail (i know an extreme example). I don't mind Android being the market leader as long as it stays open, the protocols stay open and it remains accessible to all (i.e. manufacturers all over the world can still download and install Android on their tablets without either paying a hefty manufacturers access fee or some other kind of Google lock in).

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