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Linux The Elementary OS team has released their latest offering, Luna, which has been in development for a while now. Based on Ubuntu, this Linux distribution aims to develop its own minimalist applications, but it goes beyond that - it has its own desktop environment, window manager, human interface guidelines, APIs, and more. There's an article on their blog detailing the road to Luna.

They've managed to build quite some hype, so let's see if it lives up to it. Does anyone here use it?

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Minimize button, forcing users to change
by liamdawe on Mon 12th Aug 2013 14:36 UTC
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I would use it, but their reluctance to respond nicely criticism about the minimize button being completely removed pisses me off.

They expect (and quite arrogantly) all developers to add in "save state" when closing, not many apps do that and they are such a tiny distro...the fact that they expect the big names that everyone uses to do it is a joke.

Mac OSX has the save state feature and they do it right, they keep the minimize button but simply added the feature to the close button - no breaking peoples usual workflow then.

I have pointed out to them time and time again when a minimize button is truly useful, imagine uploading a file via an ftp program, you don't want to close it to stop the transfer but you also don't want it in the way - you minimize it. Just one of many examples, they ignore me everytime I bring that up.

There isn't a simple way to re-enable it by default either.

There is a reason why a plugin to add it back into gnome shell is one of the most popular and why they have re-done the classic mode on gnome shell to include it.

EOS has a proper dock as well unlike gnome shell, where you can minimize by clicking the icon in the dock so the functionality is there, they are just being stupid by removing what everyone is accustomed to.

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