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President Barack Obama hosted Apple CEO Tim Cook, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, Google computer scientist Vint Cerf and other tech executives and civil liberties leaders on Thursday for a closed-door meeting about government surveillance, sources tell POLITICO.

Five hundred years ago, our ancestors started the fight to separate church and state. Now it's time we separate corporation and state.

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by Neolander on Wed 14th Aug 2013 08:01 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by stabbyjones"
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Just a quick legal question regarding the "corporations are people" thing. I'm curious about this because I've been hearing it a lot around here.

In French law, there is a distinction between physical and moral persons, which as an example allows corporations, rather than individual employees, to be held responsible for any damage they cause. It does not give them the full powers of a citizen, and seems absolutely necessary for any large-scale activity. Don't you have a similar concept around here?

I ask this because if corporations had the same powers as people, including being able to vote, any mildly rich person would be able to start a large number of tiny companies and use that to DDOS the voting system. It surprises me that nobody would have thought about that yet.

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