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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "The Meanings of Googliness" and "The Meanings of Appleiness".

The sad thing is not that this is apparently a thing - no, the sad thing is that people actually believe this to be true. If you believe Apple and Google really care about you as a user, you've already lost the battle.

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Tony Swash
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People see faces in clouds and cliff faces (that is not Mount Rushmore or the Buddha caves).

Google puts up interviews and talks with authors and scientists and comedians that has nothing to do with the products they sell (apart from the deliberate plugs).

The point being is you can point to anything and make it look like a meaningful interaction. What you claim is Apple's personal interaction, I see it as people selling you stuff.

The bottom line is all corporate interactions is about selling you stuff and keeping you buying.

I may be a nerd with no social skills, but even I recognize inauthentic interaction/sincerity. [/q]

I think I may not have made my point clearly enough. I totally agree that what I see as a pleasant, enabling, supportive, accessible and helpful interaction with staff at an Apple retail outlet is just a system for selling me stuff. So what? I still prefer it to an interaction with a company that is unpleasant, difficult, unhelpful and tedious. Both approaches stem from a company's overall culture and way of doing business. Sometimes the bits of the character of a company that I interact with are the result of nobody giving a shit in the company, sometimes it's the result of someone most definitely giving a shit in the company, in the latter case really giving a shit can still lead to unpleasant, difficult, unhelpful and tedious interactions if it flows from that company's particular and very planned business strategy.

So some companies have a business strategy and deliberately engineered corporate culture that make me feel good interacting with them and using their products, some are the opposite. I prefer the first.

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