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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "The Meanings of Googliness" and "The Meanings of Appleiness".

The sad thing is not that this is apparently a thing - no, the sad thing is that people actually believe this to be true. If you believe Apple and Google really care about you as a user, you've already lost the battle.

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I totally agree that what I see as a pleasant, enabling, supportive, accessible and helpful interaction with staff at an Apple retail outlet is just a system for selling me stuff. So what? I still prefer it to an interaction with a company that is unpleasant, difficult, unhelpful and tedious.

The "so what" is that you say a corporate character exists, but if it's a facade, then it doesn't really exist. The character of a person, or a corporation, is about what they are, not what face they put on. If a person/corporation puts up a face that is designed to get stuff from you, then that character is what we call "sociopath".

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