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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "The Meanings of Googliness" and "The Meanings of Appleiness".

The sad thing is not that this is apparently a thing - no, the sad thing is that people actually believe this to be true. If you believe Apple and Google really care about you as a user, you've already lost the battle.

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Comes down to this:

Apple tries to create great stuff and treat you as a person so you would spend money on their products.

Google creates great stuff so you would use it, so they could analyse you and your behavior, and sell "you". (read: advertisement)

I'm starting to dislike Google more and more to be honest, and have been looking at paid alternatives or setting up services myself. It all started with Google Reader being abandoned, probably because it was too much of a niche target group using it. So they shut down the "great" RSS reader. I switched to Newsblur and gladly pay for it. I know I am the customer. Just like with Apple - they have to keep ME happy if they want me to return. Sure, some lock-ins are attached - intentionally or just because it's convenient or impossible any other way - but their main goal is keeping me happy, not some advertiser.

Gmail is one of the last things I can't get rid of. I know Fastmail, but contact and calendar sync is missing, which is my main problem with this service. Yes I use Apple products, but their cloud products are FAR from perfect. I also don't want to end up in just another vendor lock-in for important things like mail, contacts and calendar, so I tend to skip their "iCloud" mail and contact stuff. I want to be able to switch to something new and better when it comes along. Maybe not now (although I like what MS did on their phones), but maybe in a few years? One can only dream ;)

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