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I know a lot of folks are eager to find out when they will be able to get Windows 8.1. I am excited to share that starting at 12:00am on October 18th in New Zealand (that's 4:00am October 17th in Redmond), Windows 8.1 will begin rolling out worldwide as a free update for consumers on Windows 8 through the Windows Store. Windows 8.1 will also be available at retail and on new devices starting on October 18th by market. So mark your calendars!

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RE[4]: Upgrade pricing
by flypig on Thu 15th Aug 2013 10:22 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Upgrade pricing"
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Microsoft being the mammoth they are, have astronomical monthly running costs, maybe they could sell Windows cheaper, who knows.

I'm no expert on this, so happy to be corrected, but wouldn't it be easiest to just look at the profits made by the Windows division? According to their latest SEC filings, Windows division had an operating income of $9.5 Billion on revenue of $19 Billion for the year up to June 2013. This gives them an (averaged) markup of around 98% across all Windows products.

I realise this is oversimplifying things, and I have no expertise in finance so hardly even know what these terms mean, but my (ignorant) conclusion is that Microsoft could sell Windows at half the price and still break even.

Since the Windows 8.1 update is free, a quick calculation suggests that after removing Microsoft's excessive markup, the *fairer* cost for them to be selling it at would be $0.

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