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KDE The KDE Software Compilation 4.11 has been released.

Gearing up for long term maintenance, Plasma Workspaces delivers further improvements to basic functionality with a smoother taskbar, smarter battery widget and improved sound mixer. The introduction of KScreen brings intelligent multi-monitor handling to the Workspaces, and large scale performance improvements combined with small usability tweaks make for an overall nicer experience.

This release marks massive improvements in the KDE PIM stack, giving much better performance and many new features. Kate improves the productivity of Python and Javascript developers with new plugins, Dolphin became faster and the educational applications bring various new features.

This release of KDE Platform 4.11 continues to focus on stability. New features are being implemented for our future KDE Frameworks 5.0 release, but for the stable release we managed to squeeze in optimizations for our Nepomuk framework.

That name.

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RE[2]: KDE and ugliness
by Loreia on Sat 17th Aug 2013 15:07 UTC in reply to "RE: KDE and ugliness"
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"And the best part, you can't even reset everything to default values with a single button click. Seriously, at this point it is much easier to reinstall the system.

No need to reinstall the system.
If you are so pissed off at your KDE installation that you want to reset everything back to defaults, log off kde, and remove your ~/.kde4/ which is discouraged anyway because removing some .conf files is more than enough (or throw your computer from the window \o/).

Seriously though, ask for support in your distribution's forums or KDE forums. I am sure there is someone who can tell you how to reset a few KDE settings without reinstalling your whole distribution ;)

BTW, we all learn from scratch so just read and ask questions. your kde settings are in your home dir under .kde4 or .kde folder.
there is never a need to reinstall a system to reset personal settings either on windows (unless you are still on windows98) or linux.
I am an engineer, I can easily edit conf. files, find help on forums and so on. As a programmer I can easily wrap a small Python or Bash script to automate a task. Conf files are no problem for me, but are too much for my wife, not to mention my parents or all the other non-techical people I know.

My logic is quite simple really, if you set something through GUI, you should be able to reset through gui. For me, as a software developer, it a sign of a bad design when reseting stuff is done manually though various conf files.

In my opinion KDE look an feel settings are broken at fundamental level. You have two settings in Configuration (Application and Workspace), you have a number of "regional" themes, installation that requires manual copying of files and removal of stuff through manual deleting of files. How can you realistically expect non-tecnical users to overcome this mess?

What I am trying to say is: KDE makes it needlessly hard to change default looks, it should be a one click process. Browse though themes, select "that nice mintish theme" and be done with it.

There should never be internet debate about looks of KDE. The fact that such debates exist, and are repeated every single time new KDE SC is released, is proof enough that KDE should do something about it. Introducing themes that change everything on screen, and a simple shell script for distribution that does file copying, would wipe 99% of "KDE is ugly" threads/post off internet.

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