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The first production batch of Jolla smartphones has been fully booked by consumers and selected sales channels. Jolla launched its first smartphone at the #JollaLoveDay event inMay. At the same time, Jolla kicked off an online pre-order campaign, which reached its first batch limit by mid-July. Online pre-orders were received from 136 countries in all.

I'm one of those who pre-ordered, so it's good news for me. They won't reveal just how many people placed a pre-order, but they do state that a typical batch (as mentioned) is about 50000 units.

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by phoenix on Thu 22nd Aug 2013 18:29 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Comment by Fergy"
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Just look at the output of

aptitude show libc6

On any recent Debian or Ubuntu release. Is eglibc, not glibc.

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