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"BlackBerry has a thriving ecosystem with BlackBerry 10." That's what CEO Thorsten Heins said this May at a developer conference before revealing that users had a choice of 120,000 apps from its still-young app market, BlackBerry World. The problem is that over a third of those apps come from a single developer. Yes, a Hong Kong-based company called S4BB has published just under 47,000 apps to BlackBerry World since launch. That's not a good sign of a "thriving ecosystem."

This is what happens when the technology press lets itself be dictated by companies. The companies were the ones who started touting quantity over quality when it comes to mobile application stores, and the press played right into their hands. In a statement to The Verge, BlackBerry confirms the issue, but states that it's not actually an issue at all. Of course they say that. They want to keep touting that number.

Companies wanted this to be a numbers game, and now it is. Go into any mobile application store, and 99.9% of the applications in it are crap. Comparing numbers reveals nothing. It never has, and never will.

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by MOS6510 on Fri 23rd Aug 2013 06:38 UTC
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Just search for "Shogi" (Japanese chess) in the app store and in the WP market.

It seems there is only one Shogi game (not variants) in the WP market and it requires 2 human players while there are several in the app store that don't need the proximity of fellow humans to play (ideal for Spacers).

And there are other examples of searches that yield a number of valid option in one store and almost none or vastly inferior ones in another.

I have no Android device, but when I helped out Android users I came across a couple of truly terrible apps. One misled me in to thinking it was a 90's Geocity webpage, but in fact it was a settings screen with an add banner(!?) and some awfully designed buttons while providing no feedback if it was indeed doing what it needed to do.

The total number of app doesn't make it a certainty that there are more better ones, but reality in this dimension has shown that some stores do offer (more) better apps than others.

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