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Internet & Networking With the uptake of IP telephony continuing apace and the proliferation of IP devices in general, has the time finally arrived for an old concept power over Ethernet (PoE)? For certain deployments of IP based technology, PoE is not only cost effective but arguably essential.
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POE has some major issues
by zombie process on Mon 18th Jul 2005 13:31 UTC
zombie process
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I have worked extensively with POE, and it has some major issues to overcome. Like someone already mentioned, it precludes the use of gigabit ethernet, which is a non-starter many places. It also fails badly, frequently. It often fries parts that can only take limited voltage, and running it through surge protecters actually makes this issue worse.

Likening power carried over regular telephony lines to PoE is not at all accurate -- all the voltage on your phone line does is carry a dial tone and send MF tones - it does *not* power any equipment.

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