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Amiga & AROS

'Silly-SMP' is a project to determine "What are the minimal changes needed to AROS to support 'full' SMP? Is it even possible?"


This is Research with a capital 'R'.

But that '25% of the time' _does_ show that a full SMP system on AROS is possible.

This is quite a big deal for the Amiga world - and proves that, in my view, AROS has more of a future than AmigaOS will ever have: it's portable, and it's open source, so experiments like this are more likely to happen.

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For the AmigaOS world this is research!

The AmigaOS is a strange beast, and many design decisions made in the early 80's to implement preemptive multitasking, never took into account of more than one CPU. Big locks, shared OS structures and a very fine grained strict task priority scheduler are just some of the problems that need to be solved without breaking compatibility with older software ;)

Fun, fun,fun!

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