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Update: the functionality used by the application was reverse engineered and Google stated that it may change. Google has released a statement which acknowledges that playing local content will come back to ChromeCast once the API has stabilised. Storm in a teacup, apparently.

Heads up. Google's latest Chromecast update intentionally breaks AllCast. They disabled 'video_playback' support from the ChromeCast application.

Given that this is the second time they've purposefully removed/disabled[1] the ability to play media from external sources, it confirms some of my suspicions that I have had about the Chromecast developer program: the policy seems to be a heavy handed approach, where only approved content will be played through the device.

A company intentionally disabling cool stuff? Surely you jest.

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> it does not help to call "guilt!" before an unprejudiced analysis is performed.

It's true. For example, today we also have been able to read this:
Ballmer forced out after $900M Surface RT debacle

but that doesn't mean it's true!

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