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Nokia is preparing to back Windows RT by launching a 10.1-inch tablet soon. Sources familiar with Nokia's plans have revealed to The Verge that the tablet, codenamed Sirius, will be launched shortly. While prototype pictures of the device leaked earlier this month, we understand that the final design more closely resembles Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone products.

Nice specifications, but Windows RT. Nobody wants Windows RT, and for good reason. I say this from experience: Windows RT is horrible. It offers nothing over iOS (let alone Android), Metro applications are side projects riddled with bugs, performance issues, and bad design, and the platform barely plays third fiddle compared to iOS and Android, so developers have little interest in it. On top of that, virtually everyone has abandoned Windows RT.

But, I'm pretty sure some people will tell us this tablet will turn Nokia around.

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by Nelson on Tue 27th Aug 2013 11:31 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by _cynic_"
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It is very easy to get double digit volume growth quarter over quarter when one has small numbers.

But Nokia does not have small numbers. Nokia went from 5.6 million to 7.4 million units in a quarter. That is not small. Maybe compared to every single Android OEM combined that's small, but if you look at the other Android OEMs (besides Samsung, obviously) they are posting similar types of volumes. Nokia is in the ballpark. So if Nokia is a failure, then the other OEMs have failed as well.

By this definition if one sells one mobile phone today and another 50 next quarter will have triple digit volume growth!

That's nice, but Nokia did not sell one, or 50 phones. They sold 7.4 million. This quarter its expected to increase by double digits again, as it has for the past few quarters.

I think that according to these kind of measures the company Jolla (see will look even better than Apple, Samsung! Jolla will have an infinite volume growth quarter over quarter (some number divided by zero)!

If Jolla posts strong QoQ gains, then it does imply that they are getting a strong reception relative to their own volumes. I'd be encouraged and others should too. I was encouraged when it was Lumia shipments going from 2 to 4 million, and I am encouraged when its from 5.6 to 7.4 million.

can be seen very often when one has less than 5% of the market!

5% of a very large market is still a large amount of units to sell, and when speaking about the impact it will have on Nokia's health and stability moving forward, it was a good bet.

If you look at their bottom line sans one time restructuring costs, they've posted strong underlying profits since Q3 of last year. That' significant and as these costs sunset at the end of 2013, you'll begin to see this materialize in IFRS profit.

Here are some more appropiate measures of failure:
- Nokia had over 30% of the market in 2010 and now it has 3%-4% of the market => 10 fold decrease for Nokia!
- Windows Mobile has ~12% of the market (during Gates time) and now the Windows Phone has 3%-4% of the market => clearly the todayƤ's strategy of Windows for mobile phones is even worst than in Gates' times!
- Nokia was number one mobile manufacturer of smartphones in 2010 and today is number 10!

Everybody knows Nokia is no longer #1, and that's fine, they don't have to be and aren't going to be for a while. This is about managing a very risky transition and setting them up for the future, which, like it or not is happening. Their devices are gaining traction, they are gaining marketshare, and the ecosystem is being fleshed out. It was the right bet.

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