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OSNews, Generic OSes A new release of Visopsys.

This release consists of hardware support updates and bugfixes, with particular focus on USB. Support for USB 2 controllers and devices has been added.

More details in the changelog.

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by TempleOS on Tue 27th Aug 2013 23:23 UTC
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You must shoot the moon on GPU support and other hardware with drivers too.

Shooting the moon comes from a card game. In the game, if you get all the bad cards you get a huge bonus. If you don't get ALL of the cards, you lose big.

I stick to just 640x480 16 colors. This is the maximum you can do for a 60fps game with no GPU.

Mine is 64-bit and I wrote a compiler.

That guy seems to be doing to zombie-monkey walk -- completely what you'd guess someone to do, fighting the last war.

BEOS had a file system idea. I have ideas. I cheaper Linux is worthless. Nobody cares about the price of Windows, even. An inferior Windows is worthless. Be radically different.

I decided to be real. Use my IN ADDITION to Windows. I am relieved of obligation to do anything you can already do with Windows.

I try to have as few file systems and as few drivers as possible. It's much better not having redundancies.

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