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OSNews, Generic OSes A new release of Visopsys.

This release consists of hardware support updates and bugfixes, with particular focus on USB. Support for USB 2 controllers and devices has been added.

More details in the changelog.

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RE[2]: Work
by TempleOS on Wed 28th Aug 2013 08:56 UTC in reply to "RE: Work"
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Graphics are provided through the (non-performant, but reasonably standard) VESA linear framebuffer interface. At present there aren't any vendor-specific video drivers provided, though this is not so much a design choice as it is the result of limited manpower and time.

They have higher than 640x480, but it's no good without the speed of a GPU. They're never going to have all GPUs. I am a realist and stuck to 640x480 because God said and because you can do 60fps with no GPU. Theirs is nonviable. They probably get 4fps.

A neat thing happens with a fixed size for everybody. It is joyfully simple.

Trust me. There's a reason there are not 100 Windows rivals. Everybody does what visopsys does and it's nonviable.

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