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Pretty much for my entire career in Linux USB (eight years now?), we've been complaining about how USB device power management just sucks. We enable auto-suspend for a USB device driver, and find dozens of different USB devices that simply disconnect from the bus when auto-suspend is enabled.

For years, we've blamed those devices for being cheap, crappy, and broken. We talked about blacklists in the kernel, and ripped those out when they got too big. We've talked about whitelists in userspace, but not many distros have time to cultivate such lists.

It turns out it's not always the device's fault.

Fascinating bug.

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It's not so simple though. Many OSS drivers are half-baked and/or unmaintained. One example I have here are Radeon R200 drivers - people like lemur2 would tell you that they are the shining example of FOSS ecosystem ...but the truth is, they are horribly broken in multimon setups for a very long time. The same hardware works flawlessly under Windows, even though it's supposedly abandoned.

Webcams are similar - I'm a sort of webcam collector ;) (I have way more old ones than I need). And sure, they often work under Linux, but a) the support is typically, again, half-baked b) Microsoft made the situation much better by the requirements of Vista & up logo programme: to have it, a webcam must support generic USB video device class.

PS. Anyway, my post above was about something else - probably broken hardware, which somehow manages to be stable under Linux ...but it's better to not trust it.

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