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Samsung is set to reveal its Galaxy Gear smartwatch next Wednesday, Sept. 4, in Berlin. But this weekend, we got a first look at the watch.

Here it is.

I love watches (I have several watches for different occasions and clothing styles), but this thing looks ridiculous. A three inch contraption shaped like a Galaxy phone strapped to my tiny wrist?


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RE[3]: Too little battery life
by Neolander on Mon 2nd Sep 2013 06:54 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Too little battery life"
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"I'm not convinced that charging a device is an issue in an era where all we do is charge devices."

Yeah it is totally normal to wake up. Unplug your phone. Unplug your watch. Go to work. Plugin your phone. Plugin your watch. Go to lunch. Unplug your phone. Unplug your watch. Go home. Plugin your phone. Plugin your watch.

To play the devil's advocate, the question here is not whether it's normal or reasonable to do so, but whether the consumer sheep will buy it anyway if it looks cool enough in other areas. And judging by the sales of smartphones that require you to carry around a power cord because they can't even last a week-end of use, that does sound like a fair bet.

At some point in the direction we're heading, manufacturers could as well give up on cellular connections and save money by doing network connections using PLC through the power cord ! ;)

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