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Samsung is set to reveal its Galaxy Gear smartwatch next Wednesday, Sept. 4, in Berlin. But this weekend, we got a first look at the watch.

Here it is.

I love watches (I have several watches for different occasions and clothing styles), but this thing looks ridiculous. A three inch contraption shaped like a Galaxy phone strapped to my tiny wrist?


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RE[8]: Right, that's it...
by WorknMan on Mon 2nd Sep 2013 17:45 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Right, that's it..."
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When my phone enters DND it will still make sound if it's my wife

The question is, why do you have your wife bypassing DND mode? Doesn't DND on the iPhone have a feature where if someone calls back in 3 minutes, that it will ring through? So just tell her to call twice if it's really important.

At any rate, phones could be made to be much more flexible in this regard. For example, you walk into a meeting, you put the phone in 'meeting mode', so it has different rules than if you were at home watching TV, or sleeping. So if your wife messages you, it sends her a message back, letting her know you're in a meeting, and if it's really important, do 'xyz' to bypass DND mode. At any rate, I'd bet at any given time, there's probably only a few people you would have to make special exceptions for.

Even better, phones should have a way so that you could set a priority when sending someone a message to denote how important it is, which would eliminate a lot of the guess work. Of course, there will always be those pricks who would abuse this feature, so that's why a blocking option would be paramount ;)

But Samsung and other companies say, 'No! Instead, let's just build a watch where you're constantly distracted by Twitter feeds and other bullshit you care nothing about most of the time' ;) After all, if they built devices that actually gave you this level of control, they couldn't sell you other gadgets like smart watches.

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