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Apple "We don't have all the results yet but we're giving you what we have so far on the new iMac G5s (2.1GHz and 1.9GHz) compared to the previous model (2.0GHz). I hypothesized that we'd see small gains in CPU intensive tasks and big gains in graphics intensive tasks. I noticed in various discussion groups that many consumers are trying to decide between the high end iMac and low end Power Mac. So I included the results from the Dual-Core G5/2.0GHz Power Mac."
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RE: My complaint about Apple
by thavith_osn on Sun 6th Nov 2005 23:27 UTC in reply to "My complaint about Apple"
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You lost me at "I want to share"...

Please, not all of us have the time nor the energy to read/decipher your grievance, so your point, if well made and true, may be wasted on a lot of us here (or just me perhaps). I have no idea what you are going on about other than I think you believe Apple jumps on critisism or something and tell lies...

This may all be true, but go with Apple's idea of simplism (which I think you have a problem with) and also give us some examples of what you are talking about. You may have in that foggy mire of rhetoric you so lavishly dished out on us, but if you did, I lost it.

Also, a column about iMacs being compared with other iMacs may not be the most appropriate place. Maybe you could start a whole new thread?

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