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Oracle and SUN This article describes in detail what to expect from Sun when it comes to the SPARC platform. The 8-core Niagara chip, now planned for early 2006, is the most impressive: "In practical terms, what Niagara delivers is a chip that consumes about 56 watts that has about the same performance on infrastructure workloads as a four-way SMP rig of Xeon processors or a two-way setup using dual-core Xeons. These Xeon setups will consume hundreds of watts per processor."
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by transputer_guy on Mon 18th Jul 2005 13:47 UTC
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Well I like the direction Niagara it is going in too, pervasive threading but I would go further in threading the memory system too and then even further after that.

Tidbit the architect of the NexGen686 and AMD Athlon later did a VC stint and helped get Afara (Niagara startup) off the ground. He then did the same thing again with the MIPs architecture. They both uses 8 cores 4 way threaded. He also has some inside comments on Athlon and Pentium in general, they both idle most of the time.

These 2 designs are designed not to idle or atleast to reduce that 4 fold or so.

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