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Victoria Espinel, who until recently served as the White House's first intellectual property enforcement coordinator, will now head one of the most powerful trade groups in the tech industry. She's been tapped to become the new president and CEO of The Software Alliance (or BSA) starting September 3rd. In her new role, she'll be tasked with pushing the anti-piracy interests of major players like Microsoft, Dell, Apple, Oracle, and Intel. And while the BSA spends a large part of its time lobbying Congress and other governments to push that agenda, Espinel will be barred from engaging in such practices herself - at least initially. According to Politico, an ethics pledge Espinel took to secure her "copyright czar" position under President Obama prevents her from lobbying for at least two years.

No corruption here. Nothing to see. Move along.

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"Yes, and that is why only government can commit to things like this, that's the point."

It's the choice of words that I disagree with. Maybe it's too subtle a distinction, but it's not whether they can or cannot. It's whether they will or won't. Wealthy & determined groups could end up beating non-determined governments with manned missions to mars, although whether they will or won't is anyone's guess. Governments don't have the "space race" mentality they once did, so I don't have a prediction either way.

"Have you come across Neil DeGrasse Tyson before? You can search Youtube for his speeches concerning space travel."

Ok, I'll take a look.

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