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Microsoft paid billions for a license to Nokia's patents, but the company has made explicit that Nokia still owns the patents. The genius of this move is that it allows Microsoft to double down on its patent war with Android. Microsoft boasts that the majority of Android phones sold worldwide have already paid for a license to Microsoft patents. By 2011, patent licensing revenue exceeded Microsoft's revenue from Windows Phone.

Now, Nokia can go after Android phone makers for royalties - even ones that have already paid Microsoft.

When pressed on the issue today, a Nokia spokesman confirmed that more patent licensing is indeed part of the plan.

So, without products, Nokia will become a true patent troll. Good to know.

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by kurkosdr on Wed 4th Sep 2013 21:30 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Deviate_X"
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Wouldn't Microsoft suing Google require Microsoft to actual reveal to Google what the supposedly infringing patents actually are?

Isn't this why the patents are keep secret, since Google could probably modify Android to work around them?

Isn't Google already doing that? (via Motorola)

This is why patent trolling won't damage Android. Remember, Motorola hasn't paid to MS or Nokia a single patent extortion fee (save for licenses for standard essential stuff paid to them via patent pools). Which means that if MS or Nokia want their patent trolling to have any credibility, they have to sue Motorola, which means revealing the patents they think were infringed, which means Google will either invalidate them in court or work around them in Android. All the other OEMs have to do is sit back and relax while Google clears the minefield.

Motorola has already invalidated a great deal of patents MS threw their way. The only reason OEMs still pay extortion fees to MS is because of the FAT32 patents and because their own UIs may infringe MS patents.

The fact is: Motorola is making and selling phones in the US (Moto X) and is not paying MS or Nokia a single extortion fee, so you can easily understand MS or Nokia have nothing left to patent troll Stock Android.

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