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Apple Without getting into specific dates at this time, sources familiar with Apple's Macintosh hardware roadmap say the company is striving to unveil a completely redesigned set of Intel iBook laptops just in time for next year's K-12 educational buying season, which takes place around April or May. Expected to make its debut even earlier than the new iBooks will be Apple's first Intel-based PowerBook, sources added.
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RE: K-12?
by ormandj on Mon 7th Nov 2005 01:09 UTC in reply to "K-12?"
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Rather odd that you'd say "We, people outside of US" if you didn't know what K-12 meant. Especially with you quoting "term" like that. If you really didn't know what K-12 meant, how could you possibly know it's a US-centric term? There really isn't any need for declaring yourself a non-US citizen to ask what a "term" means. How cool, we even have cultural trolls now!

Back on topic, I'm really looking forward to the 13" model. I've been waiting for a nice portable widescreen to replace my 12" PB. I really do enjoy the 16:9 aspect ratio, even my digital camera supports it (Panasonic LX1). Go Apple!

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