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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The Verge on the Galaxy Gear:

There are a couple of significant downsides that temper my enthusiasm for the new Gear. First and foremost is the speed and intuitiveness of the user interface - or rather, the lack thereof. There's a tangible lag to anything you do with the Gear, while the swipe gestures are hard to figure out and do different things depending on where you are in the menus.


Also important will be the Galaxy Gear's battery life. It does use the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy standard to communicate, but at 315mAh its battery is decidedly small. Samsung promises "about a day" of endurance from the Gear, but by the end of our briefing with the company, the cameras on most of its demo units were refusing to turn on due to the watches running low on power.

Yeah, no. I don't know what a smartwatch is, but this, is not it.

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It's very difficult to actually say anything kind about the Samsung Galaxy Gear because it basically suffers from most of the major drawbacks of so-called "smartwatches" to date:

* Generally fuglier than most normal watches.
* Expensive.
* Lasts less than a day on battery.
* Does very little except tell the time when another device (phone or tablet) isn't within range.
* Will *only* pair with other Samsung devices (WTF?!).

What I want to see in a smartwatch is:

* Reasonably good looking (metal strap if possible - resin ones break...see all of Casios range!).
* Reasonable price (ideally under $200 for the cheapest model).
* Colour e-ink display (no other type of display makes sense surely?).
* Ability to act completely independently for most of its operations (e.g. run apps, change clockfaces, various normal watch modes like stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm, radio controlled to keep time in sync?).
* Good battery life - anything less than a week between charges is unacceptable in a watch, IMHO.
* Solar powered (e.g. maybe the entire bezel is made
up of solar panels).
* Display turns off and watch goes into sleep mode when you're not looking at it (use sensors to determine this).

I doubt we'll see wi-fi on a watch though because of the power drain, so I guess it's Bluetooth, which I never use myself and I have a lot of devices with Bluetooth!

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