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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The Verge on the Galaxy Gear:

There are a couple of significant downsides that temper my enthusiasm for the new Gear. First and foremost is the speed and intuitiveness of the user interface - or rather, the lack thereof. There's a tangible lag to anything you do with the Gear, while the swipe gestures are hard to figure out and do different things depending on where you are in the menus.


Also important will be the Galaxy Gear's battery life. It does use the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy standard to communicate, but at 315mAh its battery is decidedly small. Samsung promises "about a day" of endurance from the Gear, but by the end of our briefing with the company, the cameras on most of its demo units were refusing to turn on due to the watches running low on power.

Yeah, no. I don't know what a smartwatch is, but this, is not it.

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Not one good thing
by tkeith on Thu 5th Sep 2013 16:19 UTC
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I'm not really the target market for a smart watch(never worn a watch, don't want to), but I don't see where they were going with this. It's basically a smaller Galaxy S for your hand? They are really taking the bigger is better thing to the next level. Is there anyone who wants it that big? Anyone who thinks having a color screen is worth the battery life of less than a full day?

This can't be good when pretty much every blog and news site has a negative story on it.

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