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The new apps look and behave much like the native apps you find on Windows and OS X. They're built using web technologies, but also with Chrome-specific code that means they won't be able to run on other web browsers - they're truly Chrome apps. They can exist outside of your browser window as distinct apps, work offline, and sync across devices and operating systems. They can also access your computer's GPU, storage, camera, ports, and Bluetooth connection. Chrome Apps are, for now, only available through Chrome on Windows or Chrome OS on a Chromebook. Mac users will have to wait another six weeks before their version of Chrome will be updated.

This is very important for Chrome OS - since this means it can now have applications outside of the browser. Google's plans for Chrome OS suddenly became a whole lot clearer.

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RE[8]: Comment by BluenoseJake
by bassbeast on Sun 8th Sep 2013 16:34 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Comment by BluenoseJake"
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Really? Just did a new install and just FYI not one, not two, but THREE pieces of software, none of which were from Google BTW, came with Chrome checked to install AND take the default browser which most normal folks don't even know how to undo!

Feel free to download a couple and see for yourself, just be sure to uninstall Chrome first as if it detects Chrome it won't give you the install in some cases...CCleaner, DeFraggler,Foxit Reader. And again this is the FIRST INSTALLS and less than 7 programs in I've had no less than 3 attempts by Google to spam me with Chrome!

So you can wave your Google fanboy flag as high as you want, if it walks like a spammer, talks like a spammer, and more importantly installs itself with unrelated software and takes default just like a spammer? Well it ain't hard to figure out what it is now is it?

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