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Microsoft paid billions for a license to Nokia's patents, but the company has made explicit that Nokia still owns the patents. The genius of this move is that it allows Microsoft to double down on its patent war with Android. Microsoft boasts that the majority of Android phones sold worldwide have already paid for a license to Microsoft patents. By 2011, patent licensing revenue exceeded Microsoft's revenue from Windows Phone.

Now, Nokia can go after Android phone makers for royalties - even ones that have already paid Microsoft.

When pressed on the issue today, a Nokia spokesman confirmed that more patent licensing is indeed part of the plan.

So, without products, Nokia will become a true patent troll. Good to know.

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RE[7]: Comment by Nelson
by enx23 on Mon 9th Sep 2013 18:29 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by Nelson"
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Here one does not need to have cash to sue other companies.


Please, could you elaborate on LOL!

It is widely recognized that Nokia has the highest quality patents in the industry of mobiles!

That's a purely subjective qualitative perception from your part, which you seem to be trying to pass as a quantitative fact.


No, it is not. Here is one of the many references which states the same:

-> Nokia's patent portfolio in wireless in is one of the best two in industry!

I am pretty sure that many lawyers would work happily for free for Nokia by suing Samsung/LG/Google/etc. in return for healthy share (20-50%) of the winnings if Nokia wins in court. On top of this even Microsoft would be happy to help Nokia with money!

You have absolutely no idea how corporate lawyers work.
Please, could you describe what is the connection between me having no idea and my statement from above? Do you have any references which prove wrong my statement?

Please, make a difference between me and my statements! Please attack the statements and not the person who wrote them!

You seem to be thinking in terms of what you wish it happens or will happen. Rather than what actually happens or will happen.

This is not about what I wish!

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