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X11, Window Managers Intel on Ubuntu's XMir:

We do not condone or support Canonical in the course of action they have chosen, and will not carry XMir patches upstream.

Ubuntu has to do virtually all its work on Xmir drivers by itself. No one else supports it.

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RE: Ubuntu had good reason
by Finalzone on Tue 10th Sep 2013 04:24 UTC in reply to "Ubuntu had good reason"
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[...] Remember that GNOME fought tooth and nail against letting the common user know how to shut down a PC...even when sleep or hibernation would crash the majority of PCs running Linux. Ubuntu at least fought this absolute idiocy.

Please, Red Hat has nothing to do with Gnome decision despite their influence. Replace Gnome 3.0 by Unity, you have the same experience until it was fixed. Show how easily to install Unity on other distributions. Gnome Shell fully supports suspend and hibernation without crashing unless you use an obscure driver. Common users as you call have no problem using Gnome Shell. Shutdown feature was always available by pressing Alt to replace "Switch" prior to 3.6. That behaviour can be changed by either dconf or Tweak tools (now part of Gnome 3.10 by default)

Remember that Wayland has been around for FIVE YEARS with trivial progress before Mir was announced, and wasn't inclined to accept Ubuntu's patches. Given that, I don't fault Ubuntu, and Intel's action is understandable given their developer association with Red Hat.

Display server is argually the most complicated software to work on meaning the process are non-trivial considering the complexity of the nearly 30 years old X server. Without these five years done on Wayland, Mir would not exist, period. Many Canonical patches were either distro specific, hacks or bad hence reject. Wayland is distribution agnostic backed by several organisations, one of them is Intel hence this topic.

I'm not an Ubuntu fanboy, as my time is 60/20/20 for Windows/Ubuntu/Sabayon. In the end, IMHO, Red Hat is jealous of Ubuntu's fame with annoyance at Ubuntu's trivial support for core elements such as the Linux kernel. However, IMO, such support should be fairly supported in proportion to profits, not fame.

To quote a French expression: "qui s'excuse s'accuse". How Red Hat be jealous considering its biggest contributions in the Linux ecosystem especially the kernel Canonical heavily depends on?

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