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Apple Apple's event is going on right now - and most of the new stuff already leaked weeks and months ahead of time. So, we're getting an iPhone 5S, an iPhone 5C, and iOS7 will be available later this month. I like the design of the 5C more than of the 5S; it's more playful, colourful - harking back to the coloured iMacs and PowerMac G3s. Too bad it doesn't come in red.

The fingerprint sensor in the 5S is interesting, but I wonder how accurate it will be in the real world; on top of that, with all the NSA news, I'm not particularly keen on Apple reading my fingerprint all the time. Supposedly, applications don't have access to it and it's not stored in the cloud, but I have little to no trust for companies.

The biggest news for me is the fact that the iPhone 5S has a new chip - the A7 - which has the honour of being the first 64bit chip inside a smartphone. iOS7 and first party Apple applications are all 64bit, and Xcode obviously supports it. While this obviously future-proofs the platform for more RAM, I wonder what other motives are involved here. ARM desktops and laptops, perhaps?

I doubt 64bit will provide much benefit today, but you have to hand it to Apple: at least they're done with the transition before it's even needed.

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RE: Who cares, really!?
by leos on Wed 11th Sep 2013 02:41 UTC in reply to "Who cares, really!?"
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Apple's "new" phone offerings continue to be inferior in specifications as well as seem extremely overpriced when compared to Android phones from the likes of Samsung, HTC or LG. I can't imagine why, other than shear ignorance or stupidity, anyone would want one. Not trolling, just wondering. It seems to me that in Steve Jobs absence, Apple is degenerating into the same sort of bad business it engaged in during the early nineties when it nearly went bankrupt before Steve Jobs returned to save it. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen this time...

Well I have an iPhone 4 from work and will be getting the new 5S, so I can reply to why I'm upgrading to a 5S rather than an Android phone (I can choose what I want).

1. Apps. The apps are just better on iOS. At least the apps I use (a few dozen). Faster, better designed, and less likely to have ads than on Android. Also still some apps that just plain don't exist on Android.
2. Just works out of the box. I have no interest in customizing my phone beyond setting the wallpaper. I used to love this stuff but these days I need it to work without hassle. iCloud, shared photostreams, iTunes, the built in apps, etc. It all just works great. Even such basic features as an alarm I had to find an alternative app for my wife's Nexus 4 because the default one is so shitty on android.
3. Better support for MS Exchange for work stuff.
4. I prefer the looks and the phones give a much better impression on quality than the android phones I've used. Maybe the HTC One is just as good but I haven't used it. My wife's nexus 4 is ok but has a amazingly stupidly placed "on" button.
5. Fingerprint sensor on the 5S is cool. Hope it works as advertised.
6. UI much smoother than on Android. Scrolling on a webpage, scrolling on the map, and zooming in the PDF viewer amongst other tasks is smoother on my iPhone 4 (once the page is loaded) than on the Nexus 4, and the iPhone hardware is ancient history at this point.
7. Screen size is a non-issue for me. I wouldn't say no to a bigger screen but it also doesn't offer any advantages for me. Movies on a phone are shitty on 5" or 4", and most apps do nothing with the extra space on android devices with bigger screens. Would rather have the smaller form factor to fit the pocket.

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