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X11, Window Managers Intel on Ubuntu's XMir:

We do not condone or support Canonical in the course of action they have chosen, and will not carry XMir patches upstream.

Ubuntu has to do virtually all its work on Xmir drivers by itself. No one else supports it.

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Available as a partly-working technical preview, remember. Wayland (and desktops on Wayland) are coming along nicely, but what ships in F20 isn't going to be ready for end users.

Sssh, mere technicalities :p

The point is that mir won't be fully functional first, so they're causing division for no reason - everything mir will be able to do will be possible in a wayland client.

Last I heard, Gnome Shell was now running natively on Wayland, but there are lots of bits not yet working. I don't know about KDE, but I assume they're in a similar state...

KWin needs to finish the port to Qt5 and QML2 first, but it is progressing very well.
KF5 and plasma desktop 2 are not that far away.

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