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Microsoft is kicking up a notch its competition with Apple's iPad with a new, limited time trade-in offer.

"Trade in your iPad, Get a min. $200 gift card," according to the deal, outlined on the Microsoft Online store site. The gift card may be used towards the purchase of a Microsoft Surface or other products available through the Microsoft Store.

Yeah, good luck with that.

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by ezraz on Fri 13th Sep 2013 15:20 UTC
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Wow that is weird. Wonder if Apple will counter this promotion. I doubt it, as they don't have any trouble selling their products on their own merit over the last 10 years.

Re: that commercial - My PC-using boss says to me "I still think Siri is pretty", so I guess the commercials are delivering opposite results.

I love how Microsoft, while trying to show what a surface can do versus what an iPad can do, uses Siri as the narrator. Why wouldn't the surface narrate? Why advertise your competitors strategic advantages? Plus they make the fake Siri smarter than the actual one.

Makes it seem like they found the only 3 things that an iPad can't do out of the box, even if it takes $10 worth of add-ons to do it.

The breakdance commercials were worse, I guess, but not much.

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