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A team within Nokia had Android up and running on the company's Lumia handsets well before Microsoft and Nokia began negotiating Microsoft’s $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone and services business, according to two people briefed on the effort who declined to be identified because the project was confidential. Microsoft executives were aware of the existence of the project, these people said.

Another person said the idea of Nokia using Android wasn't a part of Microsoft’s discussions with the company about an acquisition, even though that was widely recognized as a possibility.

Windows Phone never fit into Nokia's DNA. It's too closed, too external, too controlled; Nokia had little influence over its own destiny with Windows Phone. It's not surprising that many of the brightest minds in the company left in the wake of the Windows Phone announcement (such as the team now at Jolla).

Nokia should have gone Android.

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Android is NOT magic!
by bassbeast on Sat 14th Sep 2013 00:59 UTC
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That entire premise is nothing but "magical thinking" which goes "If I use X I will (insert problem to solve)" and that is NOT the way real life works, not at all.

If Nokia would have went Android they would have filed bankruptcy by now, they had no prayer at all in that market, why? Because Nokia can't compete on price and that is where the majority of Android devices sell, on the bottom end. The ONLY way that Nokia would have had any success with Android is if they managed to unseat #1 which is you REALLY think they would have had a prayer of doing that? Really? when Samsung had the buzz, twice the advertising budget, and frankly already knew how to make top end Android devices that people want to buy?

I'm personally so sick of hearing how the magical Android could have floated in like fairy and waved a wand and saved Nokia...It would have NEVER EVER in a million years would have worked. Look how many OEMs sell Android now, how many are making profits? Last I checked the only one making consistent profits with Android is Samsung, HTC and LG make some profits but its certainly not money in the bank and with LG the profits are measured in pennies per unit.

I'm sure the Android fanboys will hate me for saying so but the future of Android? Cheap crap, that's it, for every high end unit that sells there will be 40 cheap crap Android units sold. in my own area there is no less than three sub $50 Android phones being sold and that is on the prepaid plans, with the contracts they are giving away Android phones, sometimes two or three at a time.

Nokia can't compete with cheap as their factories simply cost to much. If they would have fired everyone, closed the factories at a not inconsiderable cost and moved to Asia? Then maybe, MAYBE they would have had a shot with Android. Otherwise Samsung,HTC, and LG would have curbstomped Nokia right into bankruptcy.

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