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A team within Nokia had Android up and running on the company's Lumia handsets well before Microsoft and Nokia began negotiating Microsoft’s $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone and services business, according to two people briefed on the effort who declined to be identified because the project was confidential. Microsoft executives were aware of the existence of the project, these people said.

Another person said the idea of Nokia using Android wasn't a part of Microsoft’s discussions with the company about an acquisition, even though that was widely recognized as a possibility.

Windows Phone never fit into Nokia's DNA. It's too closed, too external, too controlled; Nokia had little influence over its own destiny with Windows Phone. It's not surprising that many of the brightest minds in the company left in the wake of the Windows Phone announcement (such as the team now at Jolla).

Nokia should have gone Android.

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RE[4]: Android is NOT magic!
by bassbeast on Mon 16th Sep 2013 08:10 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Android is NOT magic!"
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Uhhhh..I like my LG Android but have you SEEN what LG is selling friend? The fast majority of the LG sales are in the under $80 USD market, LG has become the dumbphone of the future.

That doesn't change the fact that Nokia would have gotten curbstomped by Samsung, HTC,LG,and Huawei, ALL of whom have MUCH more experience with the OS, a better range of phones to sell, and ALL of them have less cost per smartphone than what Nokia was paying to make the Lumia. Again you can get a Huawei Ascend or Galaxy Precedent for free, a Motorola droid for 99c, or pay $100 for a Nokia Android Lumia...which do YOU think the customers will choose? i can tell you it sure as hell ain't gonna be the Nokia pal.

In the Android market as your own link shows Samsung has gobbled up pretty much ALL of the top end and with their Precedent line a good chunk of the middle too, that leaves everybody else fighting for scraps and while they could make dirt cheap dumbphones Nokia has shown ZERO ability to make smartphones on the low end, if they could? They would have have 99c Lumias and the prepaid carriers giving away Lumias.

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