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Windows PC Magazine reports that bookies at the Ladbrokes betting service give 1:4 odds that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop will be the next Microsoft CEO. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg comes in second place with 7:1 odds against, while Steven Sinofsky, previously head of the Windows division, comes in third at 12:1 odds against.

Without intending any disrespect, I can't imagine a worse choice for the next CEO than Mr. Elop. His blind fealty to Windows at Nokia cost the stock an 85% drop on his watch. Microsoft needs new directions and new ideas, not another Windows loyalist.
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RE: new Idea
by andrewclunn on Mon 16th Sep 2013 20:10 UTC in reply to "new Idea"
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That's a plan for AFTER Microsoft doesn't have 80%+ market share on the desktop. Stagnation is a good business plan for them, so long as they can milk the cash cow. Then, only after the market changes, should they then take their loads of cash and development resources and do something different.

Until then, they've been trying to expand their dominance into other devices through connectivity with their Windows' platform. It's failed largely because 3rd party devices simply made their offerings interface with Windows PCs as well. The one area where it has succeeded has been in the console game space, but that is due to the ease of shared development.

The take away is that Microsoft should not target the end user. They succeed when they target businesses, be it companies who want locked down machines for their employees, or software publishers who develop and sell their products. Once you understand how Microsoft actually makes its money, you'll realize why they would never do anything like what you are proposing until their current income source dried up.

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