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Gabe Newell, the co-founder and managing director of Valve, said today that Linux is the future of gaming despite the minuscule share of the market it has today.

That seems hard to believe, given that Newell acknowledged Linux gaming generally accounts for less than one percent of the market by any measure including players, player minutes, and revenue. But Valve is going to do its best to make sure Linux becomes the future of gaming by extending its Steam distribution platform to hardware designed for living rooms.

"Half-Life 3 - SteamBox/Linux exclusive". There, chicken and egg problem solved.

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RE: Thom Nails It
by CapEnt on Tue 17th Sep 2013 03:37 UTC in reply to "Thom Nails It"
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Anything that brings a little competition to the desktop world is good. The Microsoft monopoly has led to a complete stagnation, the PC world is virtually standstill for a decade now.

If you look 13 years in the past, you will see: my TV evolved from 29" CRT, to a 50" Plasma, then to a 45" LCD LED, and now i have a 3D capable LCD. Now, the desktop computer remains mostly unchanged. My phone changed from a Ericsson brick with a single line monochrome LCD display to a Razr HD. My console evolved from a Nintendo 64 to a soon to be PS4.

No matter how you look at Windows 7/8, it still has almost the same Win95 feeling/experience, and this leaded us to a stagnation in the very concept of desktop hardware: we are still interacting with it as we did 25 year ago, with a keyboard and a mouse on a plain 2D desktop.

Even crap monitor resolutions of 13 years ago like 1280x1024 are still popular, and almost all new desktop computers shipped at 2013 will never leverage their full processing power because there is simple nothing new to do on it: all new fun is on tablets, and desktops officially became just a electronic typewriter for common users

Touch is finally trying to take off for desktops, but as a result of the fast evolving tabled/smartphone market, not due a evolutionary drive on the desktop marked. Same for high density displays, SSDs, smooth GUI animations, focus on new user experiences, among other things.

The sole thing that has led to evolution on the desktop is the game niche and their enormous drive for new GPUs/CPUs.

The PC world currently is so boring that today it became just a small part of all news reported here at OSNews, and elsewhere.

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