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Windows PC Magazine reports that bookies at the Ladbrokes betting service give 1:4 odds that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop will be the next Microsoft CEO. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg comes in second place with 7:1 odds against, while Steven Sinofsky, previously head of the Windows division, comes in third at 12:1 odds against.

Without intending any disrespect, I can't imagine a worse choice for the next CEO than Mr. Elop. His blind fealty to Windows at Nokia cost the stock an 85% drop on his watch. Microsoft needs new directions and new ideas, not another Windows loyalist.
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85% drop? Needs factchecking
by avgalen on Tue 17th Sep 2013 10:49 UTC
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2010-09-23 Click on 5y. Seems to me that Nokia was already well on its way down before Elop came in, reached it's lowest point 1 year after he got there and has since been on the rise.

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