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Gabe Newell, the co-founder and managing director of Valve, said today that Linux is the future of gaming despite the minuscule share of the market it has today.

That seems hard to believe, given that Newell acknowledged Linux gaming generally accounts for less than one percent of the market by any measure including players, player minutes, and revenue. But Valve is going to do its best to make sure Linux becomes the future of gaming by extending its Steam distribution platform to hardware designed for living rooms.

"Half-Life 3 - SteamBox/Linux exclusive". There, chicken and egg problem solved.

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RE[3]: Thom Nails It
by bert64 on Tue 17th Sep 2013 19:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Thom Nails It"
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Your talk of "snap/mazimize zones" suggests you are very windows centric, an os that has always been poor at multitasking and was largely designed to run a single app maximized at once...

A larger screen has always been beneficial for the typical unix based window manager... And even old versions of X11 would compute the DPI of the screen and scale things appropriately, at least programs that were properly written...

I want a higher resolution screen to provide more detail at the same physical size, and i want a physically larger screen for multitasking...

I also never really liked multiple screens, having multiple virtual screens (10+) is much easier as you dont have to keep tilting your head and lack of virtual screens is again something that virtually every platform except windows has had for years.

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