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With this release we've created a modern experience - one that is faster, cleaner and more visually appealing. We believe that search can be beautiful as well as functional and efficient. With that as our goal, we evaluated fonts, spacing, color, visual scan patterns, the search box and even the underlying code.

My problem with this and recent moves by Google: when I do a regular search, I do not want my search results to be spammed by news, picture, and video results. Bing seems to follow in Google's footsteps by adding irrelevant crap to search results for the sake of looking cool, but at the cost of usability.

I mean, check this screenshot. How much of the page is reserved for actual search results, and not pictures, info boxes, news items, and god knows what else?

Exactly: none.

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by Jbso on Wed 18th Sep 2013 00:11 UTC
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The problem, of course, is that Google and Microsoft want you to think of Google Search/Bing as destinations in their own right, rather than a means to an end. That's why they insist on adding tons of "content". It's understandable why they would want this, but as you say, clearly no thought about what users want in search engine.

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