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Interesting site that compares iOS 6 applications to their iOS 7 counterparts.

A few things stand out. First, while I dislike the look of iOS 6 applications, they at least look a lot less confusing than their iOS 7 counterparts - easier to read, clearer buttons, better contrast in the colour palette, that sort of thing. Second, many of them, like iOS 7 itself, are quite bright. I'm used to the darker colours of Windows Phone and Android, and iOS 7 is a heck of a lot brighter. Three, there's a lot of Holo and Metro influences in there.

I have actually played with several of the iOS 7 betas, and found none of them particularly convincing. This look has a lot of growing up to do.

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RE: iOS 7 is better
by ssokolow on Wed 18th Sep 2013 01:06 UTC in reply to "iOS 7 is better "
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To each his own but I think the simpler interface of 7 is much better. It's cleaner and brighter.

I'll agree that it's brighter... but we'll have to disagree on whether that's better.

As for cleaner, that's a mixed bag. I agree that some of those iOS6 apps abuse gradients or use messy layouts, but many of the iOS 7 apps remove so much stuff that it becomes hard to differentiate UI zones.

Some of that "clutter" is needed visually group elements for efficient scanning by the user.

Here are some more specific examples:
1. The header and Sort/Filter buttons in Instapaper are so washed out that they're hard to recognize as more than randomly-placed bits of text.

2. The old Hipmunk look requires less thought to recognize which cells are row/column headers and which cells are data.

3. The way the Standard/Hybrid/Satellite buttons on the new Photo Investigator use transparency makes them unreadable beyond belief and I'm not even sure a cheap Chinese knock-off would look so bad. (Not to mention that using that shade of light red is a very strange choice for that use)

4. Braille Writer's switch from white on dark gray header icons to blue on mid gray header icons pointlessly lowers their contrast in an application where it could conceivably be more harmful than usual.

5. The new Auphonic header's use of a larger font for the "< Productions" button ellipsizes the title at fewer characters and, without even faint vertical lines to divide the "< Productions" from the "Auphonic..." from the pen icon, makes it feel unbalanced.

6. The new Reeder just feels like someone wrote a potentially decent app and applied a "reduce contrast" filter.

7. I have no problem with making Goodgame flat and I won't judge the outlined buttons, but it'd look more polished with dividers... even if they were very faint.

Fancy, Should iRun Perth, Brown Dwarf Converter, Eat at USC, Audiobox, Amount, Splyce, and Gift Suggester all look better in the iOS 7 version... but only because the iOS 6 version had flaws that could be present or absent in either design aesthetic. (Poor contrast, bad layouts, etc.)

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