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Windows PC Magazine reports that bookies at the Ladbrokes betting service give 1:4 odds that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop will be the next Microsoft CEO. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg comes in second place with 7:1 odds against, while Steven Sinofsky, previously head of the Windows division, comes in third at 12:1 odds against.

Without intending any disrespect, I can't imagine a worse choice for the next CEO than Mr. Elop. His blind fealty to Windows at Nokia cost the stock an 85% drop on his watch. Microsoft needs new directions and new ideas, not another Windows loyalist.
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by crocodile on Wed 18th Sep 2013 07:32 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Heh"
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He drastically cut costs

The cuts were so badly done that Nokia is in really bad situation because of Elop's actions.

Elop moving to make Nokia control 80% of the WP market

That was a very bad move from Elop's part! This is like saying that they have conquered 80% of a sinking ship from where everyone is running away!

Instead they got purchased at 7B euros

That is peanuts! Nokia was valued 10 times 2,5 years ago!

Any stockholder that got in around $2 is extremely happy now that its near $6.

I do not think so! I am pretty sure that most of stockholder is not happy with this considering that only 2,5 years ago the value of Nokia shares was much more than than this!

Without Elop, Nokia would be like BBRY. Needing a seller without a buyer and destined to be chopped to pieces.

This is bullcrap! Nokia would have been like Samsung today without Elop. Without Elop, Nokia would have had jumped on Android wagon!

The only regrettable part is that we will never know if Elop's vision would've saved Nokia.

Actually we know! Nokia mobile division was doing so badly under Elop that Nokia had to sell it for pennies! That says all!

Elop wasn't in a desirable situation when he came to Nokia. Managing Nokia was like jumping out of an airplane and trying to build a parachute while you were falling.

Again this is false! Nokia was doing fine when Elop came! Actually the profit of Nokia even increased during the first few months of Elop! Also when Elop came to Nokia, Nokia was number one!
All the downfall of Nokia has happened under Elop's watch so therefore he has to take huge part of the blame for it!

Here is some reality check regarding Elop at Nokia:


First 6 months - Smartphone quarterly revenues up 29% from 3.4B Euro to 4.4B Euro
Next 2.5 years - Smartphone quarterly revenues down 73% from 4.4B Euro to 1.2B Euro

First 6 months - Smartphone quarterly profit up 94% from 283M Euro to 548M Euro
Next 2.5 years - Smartphone quarterly profit of 548M Euro turned into loss of -168M Euro

First 6 months - Smartphone quarterly volume up 18% from 24.0M units to 28.3M units
Next 2.5 years - Smartphone quarterly volume down 74% from 28.3M units to 7.4M units

Nokia smartphone market share when Elop started - 35%
Nokia smartphone market share when Elop departed - 3%

Nokia ranking smartphones when Elop started - 1st
Nokia ranking smartphones when Elop departed - 9th

Gap to leader when Elop started - twice as big as number 2 (RIM) or number 3 (Apple)
Gap to leader when Elop departed - Samsung smartphones is 12x bigger than Nokia smartphones

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