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Interesting site that compares iOS 6 applications to their iOS 7 counterparts.

A few things stand out. First, while I dislike the look of iOS 6 applications, they at least look a lot less confusing than their iOS 7 counterparts - easier to read, clearer buttons, better contrast in the colour palette, that sort of thing. Second, many of them, like iOS 7 itself, are quite bright. I'm used to the darker colours of Windows Phone and Android, and iOS 7 is a heck of a lot brighter. Three, there's a lot of Holo and Metro influences in there.

I have actually played with several of the iOS 7 betas, and found none of them particularly convincing. This look has a lot of growing up to do.

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Looks quite a bit like Android
by Lobotomik on Wed 18th Sep 2013 08:32 UTC
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I think OS7 does not look like IOs anymore. This is a good thing, because the IOs look we awed to was looking now rather dated, with its rotating drum selectors and bas-relief buttons. Android introduced their much more elegant Holo flat abstract look, and I have the feeling that the much vaunted Jony Yves has copied it shamelessly. Or shamefully, whatever, who cares, it is not astrophysics now, just as it was not astrophysics then.

Surely, what I find much more elegant today will feel tacky, boring and dated in a few years time, and designers will bring again a less severe look, and we will all be pepped up again. Who will be first? Does it matter?

It's all like pants and skirts shrinking or growing, sagging or tightening as time goes by, for no particular reason, with the current option at any time being the only imaginably cool one, and any others being unspeakably vulgar. And possibly also with once-in-history aberrations like sagging, show-your-undies pants.

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