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ZFS is the world's most advanced filesystem, in active development for over a decade. Recent development has continued in the open, and OpenZFS is the new formal name for this open community of developers, users, and companies improving, using, and building on ZFS. Founded by members of the Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and illumos communities, including Matt Ahrens, one of the two original authors of ZFS, the OpenZFS community brings together over a hundred software developers from these platforms.

ZFS plays a major role in Solaris, of course, but beyond that, has it found other major homes? In fact, now that we're at it, how is Solaris doing anyway?

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by pfgbsd on Wed 18th Sep 2013 19:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by porcel"
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This said, there is nothing legally stopping Linus from importing CDDL'd code, it's just the NIH sindrome.

Got a citation for that? According to Wikipedia, Danese Cooper said at DebConf 2006 that the CDDL was specifically designed to be GPL-incompatible because the Solaris devs didn't want their best work to just get gobbled up by Linux when OpenSolaris was released.

IANAL but I don't trust Wikipedia on legal stuff either. The subject of mixing GPL and CDDL comes up somewhat regularly on the illumos lists, and it may surprise you but there is already code that does just that: look at cdrecord.

It would also not be the first time that linux brings in some less restricedly licensed code.

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