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Cyanogen, makers of popular software based on Android that extends the abilities of smartphones, is making a bid for the mainstream. The four-year-old company, which began as a one-person side project, said today that it has raised $7 million from Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures. The goal is to vault past Blackberry and Windows Phone to become the third-most popular mobile operating system, after traditional Android and iOS. And the company is already closer than you might think.

The announcement blog post has more details and background. This is either the best idea they've ever had, or the beginning of the end. I honestly have no idea which of the two it will be. I like the fact that they might be more popular than Windows Phone though - puts everything into perspective, doesn't it?

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RE[3]: Comment by Nelson
by bnolsen on Thu 19th Sep 2013 02:11 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Nelson"
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ahh so the cyanogenmod folks are convicted of violating anti trust laws and pissing off untold amounts of people by forcing their vision down peoples' throats? sure thom may be a bit smug at times but if MS had their way no other os would exist except one controlled or patembt trolled by them.

My congratulations to the cyanogenmod team for getting as far as they have, although I would like to know their business model. So are going to set up a marketplace to rival google's???

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