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Interesting site that compares iOS 6 applications to their iOS 7 counterparts.

A few things stand out. First, while I dislike the look of iOS 6 applications, they at least look a lot less confusing than their iOS 7 counterparts - easier to read, clearer buttons, better contrast in the colour palette, that sort of thing. Second, many of them, like iOS 7 itself, are quite bright. I'm used to the darker colours of Windows Phone and Android, and iOS 7 is a heck of a lot brighter. Three, there's a lot of Holo and Metro influences in there.

I have actually played with several of the iOS 7 betas, and found none of them particularly convincing. This look has a lot of growing up to do.

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RE: Just toys?
by Neolander on Thu 19th Sep 2013 04:58 UTC in reply to "Just toys?"
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So are any iOS haters looking down this list of app screenshots still thinking iOS is just for toys?

Look at all those powerful apps. All touch and thumb friendly. All updated regularly to add new features and fix bugs. If I was on any other platform that would have been a painful look at what iOS has.

So many people will literally never own a PC or laptop because mobile OS's are becoming so powerful. In fact I think simply owning of a laptop or desktop will imply a certain nerdiness in the future. It will say "I'm a producer and/or developer" as opposed to "I'm a modern person that needs internet", like now.

Considering how tiny the fraction of these "powerful" apps which does more than a modern website is, I think I'll keep my stereotypes about apps on any mobile platform, iOS included ;)

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