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Starting today we’re making Quickoffice for Android and iOS available for free, for everyone. With Quickoffice, you can edit Microsoft Office documents across your devices, giving you the freedom to work with anyone no matter what hardware or software they’re using. Plus, it’s integrated with Google Drive storage so you can safely access your files from anywhere.

And unlike Microsoft Office, it's completely free. Good move by Google.

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MS did exactly this with IE and people definitely whined. They disrupted the, at the time, for-pay browser market so completely that they were the only game in town for years after.

Having said that, especially in light of all the legitimately evil things MS did to the software market, I always found this particular gripe to be pretty limp. The big crime with IE wasn't giving it away or bundling it, it was pressuring OEMs into using only IE and then using their market position to break the entire web.

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