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Great interview with Apple's executives.

When Apple got into the mobile business, it was Nokia’s world. The Finnish company was considered something of a miracle worker. "I'm old enough to remember when Nokia had margins of 25 percent, and there was absolutely no way they were going to be dislodged from their leadership position," says Kuittinen of research firm Alekstra. Says Cook, "I think [Nokia] is a reminder to everyone in business that you have to keep innovating and that to not innovate is to die."

Quite true. If a fingerprint scanner and a 64bit ARM chip are innovation, time will tell, but for now, Apple is surely still atop of its game. The amazing load of iOS 7 application updates and the rapid adoption of Apple's latest is testament to that.

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While you are correct on technicality only, I have yet to hear a single regular person aside of yourself describe the iPhone 5s/5c as innovative.

I agree that the interpretation of the definition may seem pedantic or 'narrow', but concepts like 'innovation' are not black/white/on/off concepts -- as they are frequently made out to be in common discussion -- but exist in various amounts ranging from very small to very large.

My use of the term in this context accepts that the phone and some of its technology are certainly new, but the improvements are arguably small compared to those of other companies and not disproportionately large compared to the steady improvements seen across the industry.

In any case, I appreciate your perspective. Take care.

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